Universities Championship: Futsal

“The score never interested me, only the game.”

- Mae West -
Established in 1997, the Institute of Physical Education (IEPS) at the Universite Antonine allows you to track, select and control your educational project in optimal conditions. 

Located in the heart of a site in Hadath-Baabda area, the IEPS stands out for the richness of its infrastructure; an athletics stadium overlooking the southern suburbs of Beirut offers a natural space for the practice of different sports. In addition to a training and assessment center offering an extraordinary platform for further exploration in the area of research.

A trained professional dynamic team offers students all their educational and technical skills. 
This Faculty has been guiding the students, and encouraging them to participate in different sports tournaments where the scores only result in top places. 

Futsal has emerged recently as a popular sport in Lebanon. It is basically a modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor, pitch. The Universite Antonine was well presented through its Futsal teams (Men and Women), during the University Championship that had happened recently. 

The Men's team has won the match facing Lebanese German University (LGU) scoring thirteen goals, while the Women's team has won over Notre Dame University (NDU) showing an incredible performance. 

Zeina Mina, Director of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports