Cheer for the Antonine Team starting Tonight!

with UNILEB - 2017-05-28

Antonine Team is facing Beirut First in the Lebanese Division 2 Basketball Final series, which qualifies the winner to the prestigious FLB League, leading them to play against teams like Sagesse, Riyadi and 7 other teams. The race to nail 3 games out of 5 has started between Baabda and Chiyah.

The schedule of the 5 games is as follows:

Game 1: May 28, Chiyah Stadium at 21:00

Game 2: May 30, Antonine Court at 21:00

Game 3: June 1, Chiyah Stadium at 21:00

Game 4: June 3, Antonine Court at 21:00

Game 5: June 4, Chiyah Stadium at 21:00

Last week, during the semifinal series against Oukhouwe Hadath, Karl Sarkis, the Antonine Baabda Team Point Guard said: "we’ve been fighting all season to reach the finals and Division 1; now we ask all UA students and fans to support us in the upcoming games because they are our 6th player".

Game 1 of the final series starts tonight; let’s back our Antonine team; let’s help our champions reach the Division 1!

By Fares Chaker