The Road To a Safe Back

We all dread the idea of driving for long periods of time, unless it’s part of a fun and adventurous road trip. Sadly, most of us are forced to do so on a daily basis, as part of our drive to work. We find ourselves stuck in endless traffic jams that make us swear to either quit our job or buy a bike.

Not only does driving for hours ruin our mood, it has a serious negative impact on our body. It can be the cause of several inflammations in our neck, shoulders, arms, back and lower back. And in worse cases, it can lead to injuries.

 Mr Charbel Najem, Internship coordinator at the Department of Physical Therapy, suggests that you take the following tips into consideration the next time you plan to hit the road:

-Make sure your back seat is inclined for 100-110 degrees

-Use the neck support to actually support your neck and fill the gap below your head

-Don’t lean your arm on the window

-Keep your shoulders rested and far from the steering wheel

-Stop once in a while to stretch your back and move around

-Preserve a good distance between your knee and the brakes to keep your legs lightly flexed

-Adjust your lower seat or use a cushion to keep your back curved and comfortable.

-Use your neck to look around, instead of the mirrors, to keep it flexible

-Last but not least, breathe in and out and stay cool!


Charbel Najem, Internship coordinator at Department of Physical Therapy