Watch your back!

with Ziad Rahbani - 2015-11-02
Virginia Mason Example of pathway for low back pain management

“Whenever you get a sharp pain, you need to back it off.”

–Stephanie Rice-

Have you been suffering from lower back pain? Has it been affecting your daily life activities? There is no need to worry! You are not the only individual on earth, since more than 80% of the world population suffer from back pain at some point in life. Back pain differs from a person to another, also it varies in location, durability and intensity of the ache. In most cases back pain is not a serious condition; despite the crucial hurt some people experience. It can be caused by simple muscle strains and ligament sprains.

Fortunately nowadays everything is fixable. However; it is important to know that the most effective pain management treatment should be provided by only a professional health care provider. Patients also hold great responsibility for their health improvement in daily home care and living a healthy active lifestyle, to find a durable and functional solution to their medical difficulties.

Physical therapy can be very beneficial for those patients: an effective therapeutic treatment includes designed physical exercises and postural correction. In addition to Hydrotherapy (treatment in water) which is very common nowadays, by reducing the stress imposed on the joints, especially on the spine and provides pain relief and an improved function of the body. 

If you experience severe back pain, follow these steps to insure a better health:

·        Get more physically active, include an exercise regimen in your daily life activities

·        Learn and use coping strategies to remain as active and functional as possible during the painful episodes

·        Use appropriate body mechanics, ergonomics and posture during long-time sitting, standing, and especially during lifting and bending.

·        Perform relaxation techniques by using appropriate breathing patterns (diaphragmatic/abdominal) and by doing recreational activities that you enjoy, within the functional limits.

          Back pain isn’t as serious as you might think! In most of the cases, the problem resides in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine. Stay as active as possible, use proper prevention techniques and don’t forget to always turn to specialists. 

Ziad Rahbani
Physical Therapy student, Public Health Department