Conference: "Communication Politique et Francophone"

"The beginning is the most important part of the work."

- Plato -

Within the month of « Francophonie Â» and French speaking communities, the Faculty of Information and Communication at the Université Antonine, is organizing an event revolving around political communication, entitled:

 â€œCommunication Politique et Francophone - Enjeux et Frontières -

Since this issue represents a bulging problematic on a global scale; communication between societies, should be the first key towards understanding each other and merging different cultures and perspectives together.

« Francophonie Â» is a culture by itself, an instrument to perceive the world. Yet the world -more specifically- the Middle East is witnessing more and more cultural conflicts, due to many recent factors, such as wars, emigration and universal crisis.

The borders between countries around the Mediterranean are in complete cataclysm, indirectly promoting a lack of understanding and acceptance towards each other. Therefore, this initiative is taking part during these specific times, in opposition to the neighboring happenings, that are encouraging more violence and racism into our communities.

The Université Antonine continuously aims to bring light to where there is shade. This event will be a platform of debate between the Orient and the Occident, moderated by Dr. Joe Moukarzel, and represented by two influential competent prospects:

- Mr. Ghassan Moukhaiber, Lebanese deputy and member of the national council of francophonie.

- Mrs. Isabelle Veyrat Masso, French Professor and director of the Political Communication Lab. at CNRS. 

Joseph Moukarzel, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty of Information and Communication