Profile: Hala Nader

with Hala Nader - 2016-04-20

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. –

Despite her young age, Hala Nader acquired a capacity and years of expertise in the journalism field. Ever since she was still in high school, she had shown dedication to writing till she got offered jobs in several media agencies; from TV, to radio to magazines…

She currently works as a producer in the news department at LBCI, and has recently joined Universite Antonine in the faculty of Infocom, educating the students on TV reporting. At the end of this course, a newscast should be prepared and presented from A to Z, just as if the students worked in a broadcasting corporation.

Along her career, Hala wrote about economics, politics, elections, social and cultural topics, which granted her the vast culture and the knowledge she has. In a former article, we mentioned the journalism students’ participation in producing a news bulletin. Hala was their course instructor and guided them throughout the process, from writing the content, to production and collaboration with the technical team.

New collaborations will be formed between the Unileb team and the journalism students, where they will publish their own projects, articles, research topics and more.   

Hala Nader
Instructor at the Faculty of Information and Communication