An Upgrade for the Lebanese Democracy

The theme for this year’s edition of the PubliCréa Competition is: Priority to Digital Direct Democracy.

To refresh your minds, PubliCréa is a contest organized by the Department of Advertising at the Faculty of Information and Communication of Université Antonine, in collaboration with the Syndicate of Advertising Agencies (AA) and the International Advertising Association (IAA). 

The competition is aimed at creative juniors and seniors, in the goal of generating sustainable solutions to the various issues faced by the Lebanese Society today, through communication, by giving a new perception of democracy to public opinion.

Each competitor is called to promote social and political liberties, propose a vision for a better future of Lebanon and mobilize the public opinion to achieve this vision.

The Digital Direct Democracy theme was chosen based on the observation that digital technology is providing a space for communication, via the internet and social media networks, both open and secure. In fact, digital applications allow for a pure local democracy to blossom, where citizens themselves propose, discuss and electronically vote on projects and policy initiatives. They directly participate in the decision-making process in the matters that shape their lives in their municipalities and regions. This will create shadow bodies to local and national governing institutions, an active public opinion that would constitute a counterweight, a lobby and a positive decisive pressure.  

Mr. Antoine Bakhos, General Secretary of CREMAC, invites all creators to submit their designs by email before June 12th 2017 to:


The competition will take place on Friday June 16, 2017 at Université Antonine at 5 pm. The first prize is 1,500 USD, the second is 1,000 USD and the third is 500 USD.


Carry your brainy ideas to the PubliCréa! Bring your teams, followers and make the impact we all long to, for a brighter Lebanon!



By Lynn Hariri

Antoine Bakhos, General Secretary of CREMAC and Secretary Manager of Pertinence, Faculty of Information and Communication