Mario Rahi: A story of talent

When words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen

Unmistakably talented in music since the age of 8 years old, Mario Rahi decided to chase his artistic dream and become a violinist when he moved to Rome, Santa Cecilia and pursue higher studies for 8 years.

He has shown dedication in his journey where he obtained his diploma in orchestra playing and a master’s degree in violin. Then worked as a professional musician in several orchestras. In 2011, Mario returned to his beloved country and immediately started his teaching career in the Lebanese national conservatory, and the music school of the Antonine fathers.

He definitely prefers playing in a collective group or orchestra than solo performances. In his opinion; after reaching a certain level of musical maturity, the musician cannot be extracted from the group of performers.

At the moment, he coaches around 16 high school students, hoping to pass on this mentality of humbleness, shaping them into better successful musicians. Besides being an instructor; Mario participates in the “Musique De Chambre” at the Université Antonine every few months. The performance usually starts with 2 instruments to reach a small orchestra, presenting famous compositions with different styles, and even including some Lebanese composers.

With his remarkable contribution to the transition in the history of music, from the classical to the romantic period. By breaking the traditional rules and revolting against aristocracy and social conventions; Beethoven is the ultimate preference to Mario, not excluding many other outstanding authors. 

Dreaming of a better Lebanon, is Mario’s hope in the coming years. “I would love to see people appreciate music more, and gain cultural curiosity for classical music”, he said. He hopes he is contributing to this dream in his everyday coaching with his students. 

Mario Rahi Professor at the music school of the Antonine fathers