Interview with the managing editor of An Nahar newspaper

with Ghassan Hajjar - 2015-12-04

“Journalism will kill you, but it will keep you alive while you’re at it.”

-Horace Greely-

Founded by Gebran Tueni in 1933, An Nahar has always been a solid platform among local newspapers; and has proven to be one of the leading corporations in journalism. Today, Ghassan Hajjar is the managing editor of the newspaper and also an instructor at the Universite Antonine.

Ever since he was in high school, Ghassan knew that he wanted to become a journalist in life. Although he had studied law for two years, because living in the Bekaa valley destined him to choose a university nearby; the Lebanese civil war took place in the late 80s and most students had to postpone their education. However; Ghassan was determined to continue his bachelor degree, even if he had to change majors. In the end, he went back to Beirut and got his diploma from the Lebanese university as a journalist.

Ghassan had an ultimate dream of joining An Nahar family, even his instructor noticed that his writing style was similar to the newspaper; yet he did not have the means to reach such establishment. A short while later, Ghassan had the opportunity to intern there and here he is today, celebrating his 20th year and holding the position of managing editor.

Besides his fulltime profession; Ghassan dived into academia, teaching young generations the work ethics in journalism. Because he was a prominent member and instructor in An Nahar Al Chabab training institution for years; he decided to transmit his knowledge and expertise to university students as well.


When questioned about the threatened future of the written press, Hajjar affirmed that most media outlets are endangered nowadays; yet the online era will not erase them as much as it will bind them and reduce their role in shaping public opinion, adding: “We still listen to the radio and buy newspapers every day, this hasn’t  changed with time!” 

Ghassan Hajjar
Instructor, Department of Journalism