Intercultural Crossroads Conference

with Daisy Boujawdeh - 2015-12-04

Lebanon is a very remarkable field for intercultural and multicultural factors. However; if poorly exploited, this diversity would be far from being a key to a successful society.Therefore the faculty of information and communication at the Universite Antonine is organizing a conference of awareness for intercultural purposes in Lebanon.

It is the reflection of interactions between individuals or groups from different backgrounds within the framework of strategic implementation, and mixtures between the various cultural contributions to overcome differences that can be a barrier to communication.The prefix "inter" in "intercultural" evolves around the exchange of interactions between groups, individuals and identities...

This theme was chosen to be experimented at the crossroads of several scientific fields. The study of this notion and the theories of intercultural communication are one way towards practical solutions and treatments to the Lebanese cultural diversity.

Historically, the Antonine Order has always had a mission to locate its ministries in mixed areas of Lebanon. The Universite Antonine follows the same path by creating an identity and a cultural model respecting and encouraging the Lebanese social diversity.

Daisy Boujawdeh
Head of departments Graphic Design, Advertising - Faculty of Information and Communication