Mint Chewing-Gum; packaging project

with Hala Dahrouge Osta - 2015-12-18

"Design is a formal response to a strategic question."

- Mariona Lopez -

Packaging project brief:


Create a new packaging for a minted chewing gum with the following restrictions:

-         Limited material to carton boxes only

-         Small shape

-         Practical use

-         Easy to open

-         Preserve the gums inside...


“The main challenge was to find a new shape among all other pre-existing packages on the market and my passionate students strived to create new designs...” Said Hala Osta, the graphic design instructor. The class came up with a total of ten new shapes, each one opening differently and offering a new experience for the consumers!


This course was definitely enriching as students are managing to create a whole new conceptual direction to existing products people use daily. They learned to think in 3D, in addition to creating an interesting story behind every little pack to differentiate it from the competition! Each Chewing-gum pack told a diverse story than any simple pack...


Hala Dahrouge Osta
Instructor, Department of Graphic Arts