When Music and Sound Effects Make all the Difference

with Jean Keyrouz - 2015-03-02
When Music and Sound Effects Make all the Difference

Music changes perceptions. Its essential part in the production of films and radio and TV commercials has always been undisputed. Needless to say that the role it plays keeps gaining importance with the emergence of new communications and advertising social networks and media technologies.

The choice of the musical composition for an audiovisual production affects its idea, purpose and identity as it triggers the spectator’s emotions: happiness, fear, drama, nostalgia, thrill, etc. It alters the mood and influences consumers’ behaviors. From creating unreal situations and horror scenes to comedy, documentary movies, news and talk shows, the function of sound effects in the world of filmmaking and commercials is very wide.

 The introduction of a specific type of music at a particular moment gives a new pulse and creates a turning point; having thus the capacity to initiate by itself a different or advanced sequence of actions, moving the story forward or linking separate events. The lack of sound effects also has significance, and takes the spectator back to silent film era. 

It is important for the producer to have a rich music culture in various music genres and an understanding of the role of each type, when and where to use it. Hip-hop, for instance, wouldn’t be very appropriate for political news or official announcements, and neither would be opera for a basketball game!

 â€œMusic grows with every person, starting from the earliest days with our mothers singing lullabies to put us to sleep. In parallel to my art direction studies, I have developed an interest in occidental and oriental instruments. Advertizing requires an even larger music culture, and although we all have our own particular touch and signature, this field always gives the opportunity to explore new horizons and embark on diversified music productions”, answers Jean Keyouz when asked about his advertisement music background and experience while being initially an art director.

About “Maestro”, his music album released in 2010, he says: “The public was so enthusiastic about the music I composed for commercials and TV program generics that I decided to compile sixteen of them in a single CD”.

When correctly selected, music and sound effects enhance the storytelling. Long after the remembrance of the image is gone, the impact of the music, beat and rhythm persists.

Jean Keyrouz